Althea Mitchell, BAA, PHEc.

Ask a "Professional Home Economist"


I saw all of the women in my family sewing at a very young age, but it was the influence of my favorite aunt that was the pivotal point for the direction of my education. She taught Home Ec. at the teacher's college in St. Lucia. 

I thought that I would grow up to be just like her, teaching others to make beautiful clothes, precious quilts, custom home decor and gorgeous cakes.  I am a graduate of Ryerson’s Nutrition, Consumer and Family Studies program, a Professional Home Economist (PHEc) and a registered member of the Ontario Home Economics Association (OHEA).  

I have been sewing and decorating cakes for over 20 years and teaching sewing for over 15 years.  I have worked with people of all ages and particularly like guiding the young kids who are discovering their new skills.  I will show you how to affordably sew things for yourself and your family, and how to save money by professionally decorating your own cakes.  My sewing students and parents would often ask me to teach cake decorating.  After giving it some serious thought I am happy to say that starting from July 4, 2016 I started sharing my knowledge of this beautiful art. I will help you to connect with your creativity, gain the confidence, inspiration and empowerment you need to reach your goals.


    My Creation Wisdom 

    • It is never how fast you can make an item, but it is how well you can make it. Finished products should look like you bought them! 
    • Embrace your mistakes as they are not always a bad thing. We learn, improve and sometimes amazing products get discovered from mistakes 
    • Be confident!